Three Commonly Held Myths About Head Lice

There are few things that can instill dread and anxiety in a parent quite like learning that their child may have caught headlice. Not only can it be quite alarming to have to face this potential infestation in your household, you may also find yourself struggling with feelings of shame about it, too. If you suspect that your child may have headlice, it’s important to take a deep breath and try to stay calm. While it’s easy to blame yourself for your child’s lice, please understand that having lice isn’t a character flaw or anything that you need to be embarrassed about. Instead of feeling embarrassed about your child’s headlice, please instead consider these three commonly circulated myths about this vexing parasite.

Myth 1: Only Dirty People Get Lice

It’s often assumed that if a person has headlice, it means that they’re dirty or they don’t wash their hair very often. The fact is, lice do not discriminate. Freshly washed hair is just as appealing to them. The only goal of a louse is to feed on your blood, and it’ll just as easily set up residence on a clean scalp as they would on dirty hair.

Myth 2: Now That One Person Has It, Everyone Will

If you’ve recently discovered that your child has headlice, you may be worried that everyone in your family will now catch it. Fortunately, this is absolutely incorrect. Getting lice is actually much harder than you may think. For a person to contract headlice, the lice must come in direct contact with your hair. This is usually done by sharing hats, towels, hairbrushes, or scarves. And no, lice can’t fly, either; they’re actually wingless. As a matter of fact, they can’t even jump, either!

Myth 3: Lice are Vectors for Many Diseases

When many people think of lice, they immediately assume that they are teeming with disease. After all, other types of parasitic bugs carry bacterial and viral infections, so why should headlice be any different? It may come as a relief to you, therefore, to learn that you can’t actually catch any diseases from headlice at all. While having headlice is highly unpleasant and can make you itch, you’re not at risk of contracting any illness from them.

If you believe that someone in your family may have headlice, it’s vital that you act quickly. The sooner you intervene, the easier it will be for you to thoroughly eradicate them from your household. If you think that someone in your family has caught headlice, please contact us here at Lice Cops right away. We will quickly and discreetly arrive at your home to check your scalps for any evidence of lice – and if any lice are found, our proven Shepherd Method will successfully get rid of them for good!

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