Professional, safe & natural head lice removal & treatment services

Lice removal services that you can count on.

Lice Cops provides IN-HOME service!!! We go right to the scene of the crime.

Lice Cops arrives discreetly and quickly.

Lice Cops will check each family member for lice and nits.

Lice Cops treats hair with only all natural, organic hair products.

Lice Cops offers the best removal tools and products available to make follow-up treatment and prevention easier.

Lice Cops uses a proven removal system, The Shepherd MethodTM.

Lice Cops will provide a certificate of successful lice removal upon request for your camp or school.

Lice Cops provides in-home education and tips on future protection.

24 hour emergency service available

Before Our Arrival

Before our arrival to your home, it’s extremely important to go through this check list. This will save time and money.

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After Treatment

Here are our suggestions after we complete our in-home lice treatment removal: We guide you to a safe and effective long term solution.

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Our Pricing

Our pricing is straight forward, We go right to the scene of the crime.Lice Cops arrives discreetly and quickly and will check each family member for lice and nits..

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