Plagued by Head Lice? Prepare a Solid Plan of Attack

Head lice affects many people of all ages, but children are especially vulnerable to this highly contagious and irritating parasite. Lice are unfortunately a part of our world, and from time to time, we come in contact with these bugs, making it imperative for us to understand how to treat infestations and prevent them from occurring in the future.

Treating head lice can take a toll on us emotionally as well as financially.  When you or someone you love is affected by these parasites, taking the right action at the right time can speed up the process of recovery and decrease chances of taking unnecessary and possibly expensive actions that may complicate matters.

Head lice have lived among, and off of, humans for as long as history can remember.  The earliest documented discovery of lice dates back to a 10,000 year old mummy in South America, on which archaeologists found a lice nit. Many older cultures actually shaved their eyebrows and heads in an effort to keep lice at bay and to decrease the spread of the parasite.

Fortunately, the modern times in which we live provides us with better solutions than shaving heads when it comes to preventing and treating head lice infestations.  Commercial chemical treatments offer topical solutions that can kill head lice in as little as one application , and salons specializing in head lice removal are becoming big business around the country.

Head lice infestations happen to around 6 to 12 million people each year according to the Center for Disease Control, and that number reflects only the cases that are reported. Millions of cases could be possible each year, making it imperative that families understand how to prevent head lice, and how to treat homes and personal property should an infestation take place.

Head lice are very small, making it difficult for them to be detected until the itching begins.  Home treatments of commercial chemical solutions for the head and body are only one step in a multi step plan to rid the home and personal items of bugs and nits.  Any clothing that may have come into contact with the infected person should be thoroughly washed, as does items such as car seats, backpacks, and bedding.

In addition to removing the head lice from the person affected and preventatively treating all family members, you must also deep-clean the home to eliminate further infestation. Hiring professional lice removal companies, such as Lice Cops, to deep clean and treat a home will prevent re-infestations from occurring.

Taking this all inclusive approach to treating a head lice infestation is the best way to insure that the problem has been totally eradicated, keeping family members safe from future infestations as well as preventing unnecessary costs involved in redoing the process over again. A strong plan of attack is the best way to deal with any head lice infestation, keeping family comfortable and safe from havoc wreaked by this parasite.

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