Getting Rid of Lice the Easy Way

For some people who don’t have children of school age, the idea of Lice Cops might seem like sort of a frivolous setup. “That’s a very specific service” – they’d say.

However, when those little white dots begin to show up in your child’s hair, you might be singing a very different tune. When we show up at a residence, we often see customers who are really glad we’re there, and who were more than willing to pay what it costs to get safe and effective in-home lice removal.

Lice don’t wait for the weekend to infest someone’s scalp. We also know that cases of lice infestations are endemic in these communities, and around the country in places where these little critters thrive.

It doesn’t take much for lice to spread through a school and travel with your child into your home, and that’s where the problem starts.

Imagine a busy parent combing through the child’s hair in the morning on the way to school or even in the afternoon between school and soccer practice.

The feeling of finding lice is a bad feeling – it’s basically a ‘drop everything’ moment. And you don’t have time! We know – lice treatment is not built into a person’s schedule. It’s not routine, and it’s not planned for.

That’s why we are so popular with Long Island households – we show up with entirely safe and natural ways to remove the lice using non-toxic products, and we make sure that you get an effective solution. Our lice-free certificates are something you can present to any concerned parties, including school administrators, grandparents, parents of your child’s friends, or anyone else who may be nosy enough to try to figure out if your child still has lice or not.

Like other kinds of important pest control, the work that we do at Lice Cops is based on a lot of good science about effectively controlling household pests. Think of it as similar to the high-end bedbug treatments that are now springing up around the country in response to the renewed onset of those little blood-chugging mattress hiders.

Lice are much the same way, in a sense – difficult to control without effort, but easy enough to treat with the right science.

If you’re anywhere in the Long Island area, in Nassau, Suffolk or Queens, call us for safe, effective and convenient treatment for your whole family. Same day service helps you to breathe easy when you are confronted with lice in your home. We work fast and we get results! At Lice Cops, we aim to “Serve-Protect-Educate” and help you out when you’re in a jam!

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