Three Things to Know About Lice

Here at Lice Cops, we know just about everything there is to know about lice. Our job is to help families with outbreaks, and get them lice-free, while also promoting public awareness about this public health issue. Some people don’t know a lot about lice – until they see them first-hand on their kids’ heads! The first thing to know

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Plagued by Head Lice? Prepare a Solid Plan of Attack

Head lice affects many people of all ages, but children are especially vulnerable to this highly contagious and irritating parasite. Lice are unfortunately a part of our world, and from time to time, we come in contact with these bugs, making it imperative for us to understand how to treat infestations and prevent them from occurring in the future. Treating

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Three Commonly Held Myths About Head Lice

There are few things that can instill dread and anxiety in a parent quite like learning that their child may have caught headlice. Not only can it be quite alarming to have to face this potential infestation in your household, you may also find yourself struggling with feelings of shame about it, too. If you suspect that your child may

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Head Lice

Have you recently discovered your child has lice? The entire situation can be overwhelming, but it’s important to take action quickly. With so much information out there, it’s difficult to know what the right solution is to get rid of lice for good. A good treatment is going to kill the lice and nits without exposing your children to toxic

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Effective Ways to Prevent Lice

Regardless of if you have ever had lice or not, chances are you don’t want it again. Unfortunately, head lice are extremely common in kids between the ages of three and 11. If you are a parent, caregiver, or teacher of children this age, it’s very likely lice may find their way into your life at some point. You may

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Getting Rid of Lice the Easy Way

For some people who don’t have children of school age, the idea of Lice Cops might seem like sort of a frivolous setup. “That’s a very specific service” – they’d say. However, when those little white dots begin to show up in your child’s hair, you might be singing a very different tune. When we show up at a residence,

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The Truth Behind Common Myths Surrounding Lice

Lice is a common fear for any parent of school aged-children.  It seems that every year, without fail, that dreaded letter comes home, crumpled up in the bottom of the school bag, alerting parents that a child in the school has lice and the parents should check to ensure that his or her child does not.  If your child was

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