Why It’s Important to Treat Head Lice in Children

Head lice are a common pest that can quickly spread from person to person. Most children will come into contact with lice at least once during their childhood, and it’s not something that should cause anyone to feel ashamed. Though lice are ubiquitous, that doesn’t mean it’s okay to leave it untreated. Here are some of the reasons why it’s important to treat head lice, and why you should allow the Lice Cops on Long Island to help treat your kids.

Head-lice infestations can happen to anyone, and millions of people get head lice every year. Lice are most common in school-age children. According to the American Academy of Dermatologists, “it is believed that about 6 to 12 million children between 3 and 12 years of age get head lice each year,” in the United States. Treating head lice immediately can prevent the pests from spreading to other people.

Though head lice aren’t known to spread any particular disease, that doesn’t mean there are no reasons to remove them. Having head lice can make your scalp extremely itchy, which creates issues of its own. If someone scratches their scalp too much, it can cause sores on the scalp that may lead to an infection. Some people with head lice report losing sleep because the itching sensation is too intense to ignore.

One of the benefits of using the Lice Cops is that we utilize the Shepard Method™ technique to remove lice and their eggs. The Shepard Method™ is a safe, non-toxic means of treating head lice. This method utilizes a strand‑by‑strand technique which ensures every hair has been examined and all traces lice have been removed.

This tactic has several advantages of traditional lice-killing techniques. Some chemical treatments can cause an itching or a mild burning sensation. These side effects are caused by inflammation of the skin on the scalp. At Lice Cops, we use only safe, non-toxic products. We are the ideal alternative to the dangerous pesticides used in many lice treatment products. Allowing the Lice Cops to treat head lice in a non-toxic and natural way will be a more pleasant experience for your children.

When you need help removing lice quickly and effectively, Lice Cops can help by providing in-home service for your family. Lice Cops brings all of the benefits of a head lice removal salon directly to your door. This service is ideal for busy families because since we’re at the house, parents are free to do cleaning or other work. It’s also better for the kids since your children are treated in a familiar and safe environment. We check each family member for lice and nits and provide a lice-free certificate for your child’s school or camp.

Besides treating lice, Lice Cops can help families learn how to prevent future lice outbreaks. We have a 24-hour hotline for parents with questions, and we can even make emergency visits when needed. If head lice have been a problem at your school or camp, Lice Cops can give an informative presentation to help parents teach their kids how to prevent the spread of lice.

If you have any questions about lice removal in Long Island, the Lice Cops can help. Send us a message online if you have any questions about our services or need help removing lice and nits from a child’s hair.

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